Practice Philosophy

I realize many patients have become savvy consumers of health care. You have many options to choose from when seeking a gynecologic surgeon. I strive to provide high quality and compassionate care to all my patients. Like life in general, I believe in “The Golden Rule”. I treat patients the way I would want to be treated, with honesty, integrity, compassion, and kindness.  I strive to truly hear your concerns, inform you of your diagnosis, and present all options to treat your particular condition. No patient should ever feel rushed into making a rash treatment decision. You should not decide on any treatment option unless you fully understand your condition and all the options available. Not every condition is treated the same way between patients. If a physician only knows one surgical technique, then all patients, despite their diverse needs, are only offered that one option. I continuously strive to advance my surgical skills, techniques, and procedures. Therefore, treatment can be individualized based on an woman’s age, activity level, health status, prior procedures, tissue quality, sexual activity level, life expectancy, and personal beliefs. If you choose a surgical option to treat your condition, I want you to feel you have made an informed decision which is right for you.