Permanent Birth Control

What are my options when I am done having children?

Permanent birth control provides reliable life-long contraception without having to remember to take a pill every day, using hormones, or the inconvenience of condoms.

For a woman the options are:

Tubal ligation-A procedure performed in an operating room where the tubes are cut, burned, or blocked. This requires making at least one small incision in the abdomen and being put to sleep (general anesthesia) for the procedure.

Essure® procedure-This is performed in the office without any cutting, hormones, or being put to sleep. It typically takes about 10 minutes and a woman can return to all normal activities that evening or the next morning. It has a better success rate than vasectomy (see below).(Click here to learn more about Essure®)

For a man, the options are:

Vasectomy-A procedure often performed in an operating room to cut the tube carrying sperm to the urethra.  If often requires sedation anesthesia and about 2 weeks to fully recover.